Training Schedule

Saturday May 9th, 2015 10:30 AM       Programming for Kids/Teenagers (Ages 10 and up)

This is the initial introductory session to a series of programming lessons for kids/teenagers.


We will start building our own customized version of “flappy bird”. The full game will be completed throughout multiple sessions. In this session, participants will learn the interface of the programming framework we will be using.

No prior knowledge of computers or technology is needed. This session will introduce basic concepts of programming logic, operators, loops, conditioning statements.

We will also discuss resources like images, sound, and input and output devices.

Bringing a personal laptop is encouraged to participate along with the class.

Registration : $5.00


Saturday May 9th, 2015  1PM       

Turn your XBox or PS midi controllers into professional beat making tools.

Do you own a RockBand xbox or PlayStation controller?

In this micro course, we will learn about MIDI communication, signaling and routing. These basic concepts will help you understand how to use these gaming controllers as MIDI controllers in a professional music production environment.

We will finalize the class by talking about advance MIDI routing and recording of both the MIDI signal and AUDIO simultaneously through a music sequencer for professional music composition.rick2

Registration : $5.00

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