Music Production Training


The transition of analog recording equipment to digital audio workstations has made professional recording accessible to anyone. In the past, a small recording studio with analog equipment demanded a small fortune; today you can start a small recording setup with a budget of $100.

We have created a very simple curriculum to get you familiarized with all the hardware and software available.

Learn about the importance of signal flow

Learn about the different audio signals protocols and file extensions ex. MIDI, WAV, MP3, VST, RTAS

Learn the creative process of producing and arranging digital music

Learn how to record vocals with different types of microphones

Learn how to mix vocals and other instruments

Learn how to master music for optimal radio quality


Music Production 

FL-Studio Lesson 1

FL-Studio Lesson 2

FL-Studio Lesson 3

FL-Studio Lesson 4


 Music Recording/Mixing/Mastering

ProTools Course 1

ProTools Course 2

ProTools Course 3

ProTools Course 4



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