Why Choose us?


With an abundance of schools, colleges and academies, how do you choose the BEST one that fits you?

The answer to this question is the “INSTRUCTORS”; at the end of the day, it’s not the school, it’s the instructor that provisions the learning environment. Find a qualified, competent instructor that can accomodate to your learning style and you will have found your ideal learning environment.

Our instructors have a track record of success with government agencies, private universities and corporate organizations.

Our customers include:

  • United States Air Force, Omaha NE
  • United States Marines Corps Camp, Lejeune NC
  • United States Marine Corps Reserves, New Orleans LA
  • EWS (Expeditionary Warfare School), Quantico VA
  • Champions Ministries, Orlando FL
  • Mid Florida Professional Group Inc, Kissimee FL
  • Various local Technical Universities, Orlando FL
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